Assistant editor at Contents

Gathering, producing, applying, and preserving knowledge for people's benefit, as noted by the inaugural Editors’ Letter, is the domain of many adjacent fields. It's no surprise that the diverse community of content-strategists come from them. Contents doubles down on this richness, in the hopes that the sharing between disciplines will lead to a healthy skepticism and thoughtfulness to one's own work.

Here's a selection of pieces that demonstrate the breadth of the magazine:

I’m only too happy to work alongside Krista Stevens and Erin Kissane, editors and brains, Ethan Marcotte, creative director and gifmaster, Erik Westra, production director and zine pro, Peter Richardson, frequent lifesaver, and our many contributors and guest designers.

Assistant editor at Codex

Typography infiltrates all parts of our lives, from building numbers and street signs, to book spines and phone screens. It is a craft with a long tradition, and rewards those who are patient and sharp-eyed.

Codex was born out of I Love Typography, a blog dedicated to making typography more accessible. Codex shares the same fondness for type and lettering, celebrates the people and tools behind the craft, showcases the elegant and graceful, safeguards the hard-won knowledge of the past, and keeps an eye on the future.

I have been lucky to work with John Boardley, founder and publisher, Paul Shaw, editor in chief, and Carolyn Wood, former editor in chief.

Photo credits: Luca Barcellona and Jeff Lin.