Kai Brach interview

— May 2012

I interviewed Kai Brach, creator of Offscreen, a quarterly print publication about the people behind websites, apps, and digital products.

Calluna strikes a nice balance between a traditional serif and a more playful contemporary text face. It works very well in both small and large sizes and could therefore easily be used as a display face. The various weights and styles allow for a range of applications, which was particularly helpful when a single typeface is used for all body text. I especially fell in love with Calluna’s small caps, something I tried working into every page. For example, the folio uses Calluna in small caps at 8.5 pt followed by a thick, bleeding line carrying a color code for each interview. Offscreen is a magazine about people, so their names appear (with very few exceptions) consistently across the whole magazine in prominent small caps at 15 pt bold, usually followed by their job title in regular italic and their location, in regular small caps at 8.5 pt.

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